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people I have worked with

I have been lucky to work with excellent professionals. Together we have done many exciting projects.

I am grateful to my colleagues for the kindly provided recommendations!

Evgenia Nefyodova,

Head of Sales Department

"Kofe Prime", LLC

"For a long time we did not dare to rebrand, although we already felt an urgent need for it. We are very happy that with the arrival of Alyona we were able to carry out this important work. Alyona chose an excellent designer, prepared references and moodboards, helped to choose the concept and finalized it. Our new packaging has won a bronze medal at the international competition Pentawards, where the best works from all over the world are shown, and we consider this a very high result! After the rebranding, we began to receive numerous positive reviews from customers - the packaging of our coffee finally looks modern and presentable, and thanks to design solutions, now it is clearly different from competitors. It has become easier for us and our clients to navigate the lines of the assortment, because now each line has its own design and the differences have become visible. We have a rich and really interesting assortment of coffee, and we are very glad that Alyona helped to pack it in a proper way. It becomes easier to work with new design!"


"In 2021, for the first time, we built a booth not on our own but with the help of contractors. We are glad that Alyona was involved in the project,

because before that she already had a lot of experience working at exhibitions and she knew all the nuances of the process. Alyona led the project from beginning to end: she organized a tender for the development, brought the concept to perfection with the selected contractor, supervised the building process, and also worked with us at the exhibition. It was a rather difficult project that we carried out in a pandemic, we had to take into account a lot of details and safety requirements. Alyona did a great job with it. Both the Russian and the Belgian Grandeco teams are very happy with her work. Our booth looked worthy among competitors and attracted a huge number of visitors!"

Ekaterina Egorova,

General Manager

Grandeco in Russia


"When Alyona came our marketing has reached a new level. We have updated packagings, their design has become more modern and interesting, we have released new types of popcorn that are in demand on the market now, we have started e-mail marleting and restarted our social networks, launched a video blog, began to organize photo and video shootings, formed a library of promotional materials and sales tools - commercial offers, presentations, we started to collaborate with bloggers and other brands, began to work closer with marketplaces. All of this is largely Alyona's merit, so I recommend Alyona as a highly qualified specialist who can bring real benefits to the company."

Sergey Korotin,

General Manager

"Goryachiye krendeli "Sever", LLC


"The booth that Alyona created for PIR in 2018, we still consider one

one of the best for the entire time of participation of our company in such exhibitions. She managed to make everything beautiful and harmonious.

A whole cozy coffee house grew up in a small space - that was the idea. Alyona pays great attention to details. We even had lamps in the form of coffee cups, and the guests paid attention to it. Alyona presented the coffee machines very well at the exhibition. For us, this was a key thing. Coffee machines were on high pedestals illuminated from above, and it wascreated a comfortable place to work with each of them. It was easy and pleasant for us to work at the booth that Alyona set up."

Yuri Matsukatov,

Head of Sales Department

Shaerer in Russia


"Our collaboration turned out to be very successful, largely due to the fact that Alyona is an excellent manager. She perfectly organized the process, monitored the fulfillment of all obligations, offered her ideas and did everything possible to support the promo on the part of her Client at the proper level. Alyona is always communicative, she is very easy to work with, she can quickly resolve crises. I look forward to the opportunity to launch equally cool projects with her in the future!"

Ekaterina Kulina,

Lead Partner Manager


"I really enjoyed working with Alyona, because she knows exactly what needs to be done. We didn't give her any technical specifications, except that the syrup card should be beautiful and selling :) Alyona managed to come up with a great concept! We are a distributor, and we didn't have the designs of the brands we sell. So, Alyona developed on her own all the elements for the product cards design and they fit ferfectly into the corporate identity. Already in the first month after updating the cards, sales increased by 50%! This is an excellent result."

Anna Verova,

E-commerce Manager

"Delovaya Rus'", LLC


"Alyona is a very dynamic and enthusiastic person. She has a great knowledge of online media and the ability to decline a central strategy into a local plan.
She is proactively and comes up with good ideas, and is great in execution

of the content plan. She has the ability to combine strategic reflections with hands-on execution. She is very independent and here reporting is clear

and straightforward."


"During her work in our company, Alyona organized many outstanding events. She prepared the company for participation as a sponsor at conferences where our target audience was present, organized tastings, excursions to production facilities. In addition to general management and organization of all processes, Alyona took wonderful pictures! She knows how to win people' hearts. Her work is thoughtfulness, inventive and creatу. Our team still warmly remembers the events held by Alyona."

Sergey Dolgov,

Director of the Moscow region   

of the X-ray diagnostics centers "RODEN", ex-head of the Sales Department of "Kofe Prime", LLC


Dmitry Dzyubenko,

Deputy Chief Sales Department "Goryachiye krendeli "Sever", LLC

"I was one of those who interviewed Alyona when she was applying for work at "Goryachiye krendeli "Sever" and I am very glad that I didn't mistake with my choice! A lot of good things happened during Alyona's work with the company. For example, we redesigned the packaging of popcorn for microwave. We haven't updated it for ages and the packaging looked outdated. Alyona improved it and made it more selling. Alyona created cool presentations and commercial offers for the Sales Department, which helped us a lot in communicating with clients! Alyona did not just create marketing materials separately from us, but also communicated with the Sales Department, found out our needs, product features, asked what goals we had, tried to help in everything and explained how it would be best to use certain marketing innovations. I'm glad I got to work with Alyona - now I know how the strong marketing looks like and how it should be!"


"For my online store Alyona has developed very creative and unusual brand concepts and several logo options. It was difficult for me to choose one thing, because all options were great! I especially want to note that the work was done not only qualitatively, creatively, but also quickly. It's hard to find a good responsible specialist nowardays, especially for freelance. Alyona is exactly the person I have been looking for for a long time. Before her, I had several attempts to work on corporate identity with designers and artists, but they categorically did not suit me, they clearly missed something. I turned to Alyona as a creative specialist for help. She is not a designer herself, but she works with a designer who embodies her vision. And it turned out that these are two big differences: when just a designer works on a project or when a designer + Creative Director work together. The project got the idea, colors, concept and meaning, and not just a picture. And that's exactly what I needed!"

Andrey Yakunin,

Founder of AMAZON FOOD


"During the past years, Alyona has supported our company with social media strategy and implementation, copywriting and translations. Her fresh ideas, her smooth writing style and, in particular, the passion for her work made her an important member of our marketing team!"

Hanne Vanbecelaere,

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Grandeco in Belgium


"Alyona joined the team of organizers of the conference "Jewellery Retail Russia" at the final stage and helped in coordinating the work of partners and organizing a gala dinner. She showed tact with guests and partners, and good initiative and negotiation skills in organizing dinner."

Artur Salyakaev,

founder of the International

IJA Jewelery Academy


Kamil Tairov,

Sales Manager

"Goryachiye krendeli "Sever", LLC

"It was easy and simple to work with Alyona on the project. She thought through all the details perfectly, sent the timing and script in advance, prepared everything we needed for shooting. We talked about what and how will happen on the set, who and what will do. So, on the shooting day, despite the excitement, everything went smoothly. For our company, this was the first experience in the studio, and thanks to Alyona, everything turned out great - as she promised. I'm glad that I participated in the creative process!"


Mikhalchik Daria,

ex-student of "UNIK",

specialty "PR-manager"

"It is very important for me that the information that I get is not "dry". After all, "As you call a ship, so it will sail" 😉 When a teacher knows how to properly present, tell, explain, involve... This means that she likes the field of activity.

To do what you love is the highest reward. I would like to express my gratitude to the UNIC tutor Alyona Trifonova. For creative assignments which make it possible to feel at the peak of events, for her love about her work, for the detailed explanation and such a touching experience for each result. I got knowledge

and the pleasure of working together, thank you!"


Paolo Barbone,

Analyst at Chicago Capital, LLC

"Alyona is a quick learner and a dependable team member. Over the course

of my 3 month research trip to FINCA in Samara to build out an essential database for our marketing team in Washington DC, she went above and beyond her duties as a marketing manager to help my project succeed, working at times over the weekend with our team to reach deadlines. She also taught herself how to manage the large set of data and gave helpful suggestions about how it could be adapted to better suit our Russian clientele that were eventually implemented. When the team needed to travel other regions, she provided essential logistical support from our headquarters that helped our team work more effectively and efficiently. Alyona would be a valuable asset

to any team or organization."


"As company CEO, I had the pleasure of working with Alyona in her role

as a Marketing Specialist at our national operations headquarters in Russia.         Alyona always was a quick-leaner and high contributor. She quickly got up

to speed on company activities, understood strategy, and helped the company apply that same startegy through her efforts in the marketing department. Although based in Samara at company HQ, she worked on marketing projects that had impact in all the regions of Russia where the company had branches, and traveled as needed to implement projects. I strongly recommend her brand management skills and general marketing knowledge and acumen."

Tim Tarrant,

CEO FINCA Azerbaijan


"I know Alyona as an excellent marketer. In my opinion, she has one very important professional quality - an awareness of market trends and an understanding of how they can be used in business. In addition, she is a bright, well-educated woman with a broad outlook, smart and persistent. I see great potential in her. I recommend Alyona for independent marketing projects."

Vladimir Dushko,

founder of


"When two people who are in love with their work and creativity, who are full of ideas and who think outside the box, meet together the coolest projects happen. We have been working successfully with Alyona for a long time. Thanks to her professionalism, creative ideas and love for beauty, as well as warm personal qualities, we came up with and launched the "Fragrant Impressions" project. The public fell in love with unique art parties due to the high-quality presentation and work with clients, which Alyona was successfully engaged in. Alyona developed the corporate identity of the project and launched the website. She helped to create and launch a line of products with author's illustrations. She also helped to develop social networks and to find new customers. I sincerely thank her for their support and well-coordinated teamwork. I am sure there are many new opportunities ahead of us and I will definitely continue to work with her."


"Trifonova Alyona is an excellent specialist, well-trained in theory, she has a diverse work experience. In our together projects for Altera Pars, she proved to be a very efficient and valuable employee who can cope with a heavy workload and is able to work in a multitasking environment. She is independent, efficient and results oriented. I recommend her as a Brand Manager."

Mikhail Izyumov,

founder of IZUMOV



"We collaborated with Alyona on several projects, in which I worked. And every time she surprised me with her ability to find the most unexpected, simple and effective solution of the problem. A lively mind and unexpected solutions are part of the personal style of this beautiful girl and an excellent specialist.

I recommend to invite her to projects as a creative consultant."


Do you want something like this? 

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