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Event Manager: Alyona Trifonova.
Product: coffee.
Company: "ARABIKA", LLC .
Task: to hold events for brand promotion.

To promote the brand, I organized the participation of the company in the following events .

  • Parties for members of the coffee club "Amado" at the "ArtCherdak".

  • AMADO coffee tastings in Miratorg supermarkets.

  • Coffee sponsorship "Russian Hospitality Awards 2017".

  • Coffee sponsorship "Moscow Market Place 2018".

  • Participation in "Gastreet International Restaurant Show" in 2018 and 2019.

  • Organization of the "First Barista Championship among Kuzina coffee houses on AMADO coffee".

  • Tastings and lectures about coffee at the Central Market.

  • Factory tours.

  • Seminars in the culinary studio "Stars of Public Catering".

  • Participation in PIR-2018.

  • Coffee sponsorship "Testing Future 2018".

  • Participation in "Coffee Fest Belarus 2019".

  • Coffee sponsorship at the business forum "Crimea and Sevastopol - the territory of sustainable development of hospitality".

  • Coffee sponsorship "Best Office Awards 2019".

Best Office Awards 2019

Office Awards

Photographer - Alyona Trifonova

Testing Future 2018

Testing Future

Photographer - Alyona Trifonova

First Barista Championship among Kuzina coffee houses on AMADO coffee


Creating AMADO Coffee Club

One of the tasks in my work with the AMADO coffee brand was to create a loyalty program for the company's clients. 

In order to strengthen relationships with clients, I created the AMADO Coffee Club. We have offered the most valuable clients to join this club. By joining, they received free access to cuppings, lectures and master classes which our company held. In addition, each month one of the Sales managers had the opportunity to invite several of his clients to a free art party.

I organized cooperation with the studio "ArtCherdak" on a barter basis, so the company has minimal expences for supporting this program. At the same time, the return from the events was great. Invitations were a pleasant surprise for clients, because nothing like this had ever happened to them before. Art parties allowed managers to strengthen business ties, to get to know the needs of customers better and to get their loyalty to the brand.


At the art parties of the Club, the guests were ivited to a master class in drawing, during which they created a real painting themselves with the help of an experienced artist. The parties were accompanied by live music, a buffet table, which also served AMADO coffee. For managers, this was a good opportunity to start a conversation with a client on business topics, to talk about new coffee blends and to accompany the story immediately with a tasting. In between drawing sessions there were given AMADO coffee gift sets. As the coffee sponsor of the party, we spread information about the brand among other party participants who were not members of the Club and have not heard about the company before.


Comment from Sergey Dolgov, Head of the Sales Department of "Kofe Prime", LLC

"During her work in our company, Alyona organized many outstanding events. She prepared the company for participation as a sponsor at conferences where our target audience was present, organized tastings, excursions to production facilities. In addition to general management and organization of all processes, Alyona took wonderful pictures! She knows how to win people' hearts. Her work is thoughtfulness, inventive and creatу. Our team still warmly remembers the events held by Alyona."


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