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preparation for participation in MosBuild


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Stand construction: Perimeter Group.
Product: wallpapers.
Brand: Grandeco.
Company: Grandeco Russia.
Task: to prepare the company for participation in the Mosbuild-2021.

To prepare the wallpaper producer for the participation in the Mosbuild-2021 exhibition, together with the booth builder, we created the concept.

The design of the booth was made in a restrained classical style, corresponding to the European style of the Grandeco company.

The booth concept included the following features.

  • For the frame of the booth there was chosen a neutral gray color scheme in the corporate style of the company.

  • To show wallpapers in the details we illumination from above and below.

  • To show as many wallpaper designs as possible we used a lot of vertical panels. At the construction stage, I paid special attention to perfectly gluing of wallpapers in order to show them in the best way.

  • On some of the walls we placed photos showing how wallpapers could fit different interiors.

  • Cosiness was added with the help of live green plants and ceiling lights located at different heights above the landing zones.

  • The logos were highlighted.

  • Several seating areas with wide tables for viewing wallpaper catalogs and soft comfortable chairs made it possible to host several groups of visitors at the same time.

  • The landing zones were located at a distance from each other in accordance with the requirements for safety in the context of the 2021 pandemic.

  • Velvet ropes were provided to limit the number of visitors to the booth if it is necessary.

  • To protect the staff working at the reception, a plastic screen was installed.

  • At the booth there were protective masks, disinfectant gels and wipes for the convenience and safety of guests and employees.

  • All surfaces were regularly disinfected.

  • For greater safety, treats and hot drinks were served to guests exclusively in disposable dishes, and water - in individual bottles.


Ekaterina Egorova, General Manager Grandeco in Russia

"In 2021, for the first time, we built a booth not on our own but with the help of contractors. We are glad that Alyona was involved in the project, because before that she already had a lot of experience working at exhibitions and she knew all the nuances of the process. Alyona led the project from beginning to end: she organized a tender for the development, brought the concept to perfection with the selected contractor, supervised the building process, and also worked with us at the exhibition. It was a rather difficult project that we carried out in a pandemic, we had to take into account a lot of details and safety requirements. Alyona did a great job with it. Both the Russian and the Belgian Grandeco teams are very happy with her work. Our booth looked worthy among competitors and attracted a huge number of visitors!"


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