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packaging design

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Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.

Designer: Evgeny Korolev.

Product: popcorn.

Brand: CorinCorn.

Customer: "Goryachiye krendeli "Sever", LLC.

Task: to develop a label for a limited collection of popcorn.

In order to increase sales in the autumn, it was proposed to launch a limited collection of popcorn with autumn flavors - baked pumpkin and maple syrup.

The main goal of the design was to convey the atmosphere and the mood of autumn, to get into the seasonal mood of customers.

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We used an autumn color palette: warm orange for Pumpkin Popcorn and mustard yellow for Maple Syrup Popcorn. The names of the flavors we highlighted with visuals of a pleasant pumpkin and of a bowl with syrup appetizingly pouring into it.

We added a slogan "Taste that creates coziness" to create the right mood and the special atmosphere for customers. For this purpose we also added decorative autumn elements, leaves and berries.

The "Limited Edition" badge with an icon indicates that this is a limited collection of popcorn.

The advantages of the product we described on the right side of the label in translucent figures in the form of a pumpkin and in the form of a rectangle entwined with leaves.


Soft rounded shape of the central part of the design contrasts with the background. The bold name of the taste immediately attracts attention. Especially for this series of popcorn, "Popcorn Gourmet", we have modified the logo.

The design turned out to be very atmospheric, saturated with the breath of autumn, and thanks to the well-chosen form factor (a jar with a tight-fitting lid), customers love to take this new popcorn on walks in the parks.

Product cards
for marketplaces

Маркет тыква

For winter season we created popcorn in powdered sugar with a cranberry flavor as a continuation of the limited collection. For the color pallete we chose a combination of icy shade and a contrasting shade of ripe cranberries.

The background of the label resembles the evening winter sky with falling snowflakes of various shapes and sizes and gusts of wind circling them. Fiery red cranberries appear in bright colors against this background. The berrise are surrounded by holly and blue spruce branches. We added snow caps to the central berries to evoke associations with powdered sugar.

21012780_ОРО-2780_PP White_90х194_29-11-2021_g1_p1.jpg

This time we put red berries in the "Limited edition" badge. The text about the taste of the product we put

in the ice form on the right side.

As the result we've got a product that was positioned as a gift during Christmas holidays.

Two floral popcorn flavors have been developed for the spring/summer season: creamy lavender and ice cream rose. In the design of the labels this time we used blooming flowers, thin green stems and leaves, light fluttering butterflies and delicate pastel colors.

Роза и лаванда

The line of limited flavors of popcorn updated the range of popcorn every season, reviving attention to the company's products.


Comment from Sergey Korotin, General Manager "Goryachiye krendeli "Sever", LLC

"When Alyona came our marketing has reached a new level. We have updated packagings, their design has become more modern and interesting, we have released new types of popcorn that are in demand on the market now, we have started e-mail marleting and restarted our social networks, launched a video blog, began to organize photo and video shootings, formed a library of promotional materials and sales tools - commercial offers, presentations, we started to collaborate with bloggers and other brands, began to work closer with marketplaces. All of this is largely Alyona's merit, so I recommend Alyona as a highly qualified specialist who can bring real benefits to the company."


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