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Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Evgeny Korolev.
Copywriter: Marina Danilova.
Product: chia seeds.
Brand: new.

Company: LLC "Products of the XXII century".
Task: to create a new brand of chia products and make a packaging design for it.

Wanting to expand its product range, the company has developed new superfood mixes based on chia seeds. The difficulty in creating a new brand in this category was that the shelves are now overflowing with packages that offer chia seeds in one form or another.

Прототип нового дизайна пачек кофе AMADO.jpg

Изначальный концепт, 

предложенный Заказчику

Дизайн новой упаковки даёт покупателю понять, что вкус кофе AMADO, приготовленного в домашних условиях, будет как в кофейне. Теперь упаковка содержит экспертную информацию о продукте: 

  • состав с указанием регионов произрастания кофе;

  • оценку горчинки, кислинки и сладости;

  • степень обжарки; 

  • вкусовые дескрипторы; 

  • различные способы приготовления кофе;

  • рекомендации по правильному хранению. 

Преза новая упаковка.jpg

Initially, we chose the Moon as the image for the new brand like a symbol of the feminine nature. After that, it was easier for us to come up with a brand name. We have combined two words:

  • CHIA - the main ingredient of all products of the brand;

  • MOON.​

Among all images of the Moon, we chose the early Moon, in the growing phase, because it personifies growth, prosperity and a good period for new beginnings.

We have included 2 crescents in the logo, they replaced letters "C" and the second "O". The first "O" in the word could be considered as the full moon. Thus, the logo includes all its phases, which looks very harmonious.
Since the product is designed for an audience with a high level of income, we placed the word "PREMIUM" under the logo to emphasize high quality.

We also designed the window for viewing the product in the form of a crescent.

Amado лого

We paid great attention to the design aesthetics.

  • A glow was added to the center of the packaging to draw attention to the essence of the product and what it is for.

  • We designed the deep black sky with an overflow that seamlessly wraps around the entire box. Such overflow makes you want to twirl the packaging in your hands.

  • The image of the girl at the bottom of the packaging smoothly blends into the background, which makes her seem to be one with the night and the Moon.

  • Added a scattering of stars of different sizes trying to illustrate their twinkling at night.

  • In the central part of the packaging the floral motifs of chia flowers were used. Thus, we once again emphasized the origin of the product and its naturalness.

  • We showed all ingredients of the product right on the front side of the box under the markers in the form of flowers. In the case of this brand each product had one or three ingredients.

  • On the reverse side, we have placed a recipe for a dish that could be prepared with this product, as well as a QR code leading to a page with even more recipes. For a female audience this added value.

  • We used only smooth lines, soft curves in our design.

  • The central round area, 3 logos, the colored area with the recipe were highlighted with a volume polish when the packaging was printing. This added a pleasant tactile effect to the packaging.


В старом дизайне упаковки линейки никак не отличались друг от друга. Все продукты бренда выглядели одинаково за исключением небольших горизонтальных наклеек в верхней части лицевой стороны. После ребрендинга каждая из четырёх линеек получила свой дизайн и особенный сюжет рисунка. Продукты внутри линеек стали различаться заметными на чёрно-белой упаковке цветными наклейками.


We gave each product of the brand its own color, contrasting strongly with the background. This helped to make clear differentiation of products on the shelf.

Видео презентация
Amado маркет

Product cards
for marketplaces

Comment from Evgenia Nefyodova, Head of Sales Department "Kofe Prime", LLC


"For a long time we did not dare to rebrand, although we already felt an urgent need for it. We are very happy that with the arrival of Alyona we were able to carry out this important work. Alyona chose an excellent designer, prepared references and moodboards, helped to choose the concept and finalized it. Our new packaging has won a bronze medal at the international competition Pentawards, where the best works from all over the world are shown, and we consider this a very high result! After the rebranding, we began to receive numerous positive reviews from customers - the packaging of our coffee finally looks modern and presentable, and thanks to design solutions, now it is clearly different from competitors. It has become easier for us and our clients to navigate the lines of the assortment, because now each line has its own design and the differences have become visible. We have a rich and really interesting assortment of coffee, and we are very glad that Alyona helped to pack it in a proper way. It becomes easier to work with new design!"


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