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SMM manager: Alyona Trifonova.
Product: wallpapers.

Brand: Grandeco.
Company: Grandeco Russia.
Task: to lead a Vkontakte group, to target advertising campaigns in Vkontakte, to translate posts for a Russian-speaking audience, to communicate with a Russian-speaking audience.

Period of leading the project: August 2017 - now.

As part of the work on the project, the following was done.

  • Creation and maintenance of the Russian-speaking community in the Vkontakte social network.

  • Content generation in Russian and content adaptation from English into Russian.

  • Collaborations with bloggers, making User Generated Content.

  • Targeted advertising to brand websites from the social network Vkontakte.

  • Support for the Russian-speaking audience in the brand's social media accounts, handling user questions and comments.

Examples of creatives
for the Vkontakte feed

Post text example

Malyavin is called the Master of "red". Red is the color of fire, symbolizing at the same time light, warmth and the fire of passion, the joy of life. In the picture "Whirlwind" this color is amazing in combination with other shades.
Here the artist painted how women dance. Different elements are involved in a round dance. The robes flutter. They are deliberately dissolved in juicy brush strokes. It seems that these are flashes of fairy-tale fire or icy streams of water. Sometimes they burn us with the breath of a mighty wind. And sometimes it suddenly seems that we see lush meadows...
If you like such contrasts, volume and tangibility of images and would like to decorate your interior with something similar, pay attention to our wallpaper Dorino Flower. Bright lush flowers, as if painted with a brush on a dark background, are perfect for decorating an accent wall.

Copywriter - Alyona Trifonova.


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Comment from Hanne Vanbecelaere, Digital Marketing Coordinator Grandeco in Belgium

"During the past years, Alyona has supported our company with social media strategy and implementation, copywriting and translations. Her fresh ideas, her smooth writing style and, in particular, the passion for her work made her an important member of our marketing team!"

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