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wine master class


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Artist: Natalia Lebedeva.
Company: La Perla.
Location: GUM.
Task: to hold a master class on painting with wine for selected customers of the store.

For the lingerie brand La Perla, we organized a master class in painting with wine. It was a part of the entertainment program at the presentation of the new collection.

According to the photos provided, we prepared sketches with female characters in advance. They repeated the main designs of the new La Perla collection. The guests of the event were able to choose sketches of abstract female figures which looked close to their own appearance type. Then, with the support of a professional artist, the guests painted their template with fragrant wine colors and "tryed on" different models of lingerie through the drawing. Throught the drawing  quests at the same time got acquainted with the features of the new collection and learned more about design.

At the end of the evening, each guest was able to pick up a masterpiece she created, as well as a gift from the brand - an art box prepared by us with a La Perla postcard template, a brush and a portion of wine paints to prolong the creative process at home and to remember once again this wonderful evening.

The master class we conducted became the highlight of the evening. It not only entertained the guests,

but also encouraged them to make more purchases.


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"When two people who are in love with their work and creativity, who are full of ideas and who think outside the box, meet together the coolest projects happen. We have been working successfully with Alyona for a long time. Thanks to her professionalism, creative ideas and love for beauty, as well as warm personal qualities, we came up with and launched the "Fragrant Impressions" project. The public fell in love with unique art parties due to the high-quality presentation and work with clients, which Alyona was successfully engaged in. Alyona developed the corporate identity of the project and launched the website. She helped to create and launch a line of products with author's illustrations. She also helped to develop social networks and to find new customers. I sincerely thank her for their support and well-coordinated teamwork. I am sure there are many new opportunities ahead of us and I will definitely continue to work with her."

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