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Brand Manager: Alyona Trifonova.

Brand: Altera Pers.

Client: "Altera Pars", LLC.

Task: to organize the Championship of the Samara region in aquabike.

For the Samara Region Aquabike Championship there were developed sponsorship packages. To make stories about the event we invited mass media. Also there were prepared a platform, a prize fund, outdoor advertising and printing materials.



Comment from Mikhail Izyumov, founder of IZUMOV BRANDS

"Trifonova Alyona is an excellent specialist, well-trained in theory, she has a diverse work experience. In our together projects for Altera Pars, she proved to be a very efficient and valuable employee who can cope with a heavy workload and is able to work in a multitasking environment. She is independent, efficient and results oriented. I recommend her as a Brand Manager."

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