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product cards for marketplaces

Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Evgeny Korolev.
Product: syrups.
Brand: DaVinchi.

Company: "Goryachiye krendeli "Sever", LLC.
Task: to design new product cards for the DaVinchi syrups.

To increase sales on marketplaces, it was necessary to change the design of product cards, to make them more competitive and selling. Below you can see the original design and the new design we made.

Old design

New design

For the main product card, we developed a design based on the corporate identity of the brand, so that it would distinguish the product from similar offers on marketplaces.

  • We used a contrasting three-color design scheme, combining the base white with shades of the color used in the bottle label.

  • Color spots are separated by smooth lines, as if continuing the lines of the label design. Thanks to this, the design of the card has become holistic and harmonious.

  • The name of the brand was placed in the middle white block and wrapped around it with a "heart" line.

  • The lines separating the color blocks coincide with the lines of the label and also echo the soft and rounded lines of the logo.

  • The card contains a large image of the bottle, the product itself.

  • The bold text indicates the essence of the product (syrup), as well as its taste. The taste of the syrup was additionally highlighted with a graphic image for clarity. Also we indicated the volume of the bottle - 1 liter.

The second card is designed to tell customers more about the product.

  • On the second card, the same design principle is applied as on the first one, only without the white block.

  • Above, in the form of a visual color chart and below, with the help of text, the main flavor notes and features of the product are displayed.

  • The colored plate tells about the ways of using.

  • Once again, as in the first product card, but now less brightly, the taste of the syrup is displayed as a picture.

Different tastes

Marketplace with the old card


Marketplace with the new card


The design turned out to be original and elegant, matching the mood of the brand and making it stand out in the search feed.


Comment from Anna Verova, E-commerce Manager "Delovaya Rus'", LLC

"I really enjoyed working with Alyona, because she knows exactly what needs to be done. We didn't give her any technical specifications, except that the syrup card should be beautiful and selling :) Alyona managed to come up with a great concept! We are a distributor, and we didn't have the designs of the brands we sell. So, Alyona developed on her own all the elements for the product cards design and they fit ferfectly into the corporate identity. Already in the first month after updating the cards, sales increased by 50%! This is an excellent result."


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