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preparation for participation in PIR Expo


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Stand construction: LLC “Stand By Stand”.
Product: coffee machines.
Brand: Schaerer.
Company: LLC "Coffee Prime".
Task: to prepare the company for participation in the PIR exhibition.

To prepare the coffee equipment manufacturer for the participation in the PIR-2018 exhibition, together with the booth builder, we created the concept.

In the design, we decided to show the atmosphere of a cozy coffee shop, because Schaerer coffee machines were designed specifically for HoReCa professionals.

The booth concept included the following features.

  • Contrasting colors (black, white and red which are the brand colors).

  • Imitation of loft bricks in the wall covering.

  • Imitation of warm wooden beams.

  • Large tasty images of coffee drinks.

  • Images of a barista.

  • General lighting.

  • Additional warm illumination with round pendant lights.

  • Dividing the meeting space for zones with a shelving.

  • Tables for meetings as in a coffee shop.

  • Unusual cozy lamps in the form of inverted coffee cups above the tables.

  • Living plants with red flowers, specially selected to match the accent red color of the brand.

  • Branding of stands for coffee machines.

  • Placement of the company logo at the maximum height and writing the sphere of the company on both sides of the booth so that guests could notice it from different points of the pavilion.

For the exhibition, we also prepared printing materials (table-tents, employees' business cards, brochures, catalog), organized an interactive entertainment program to attract visitors to the booth and treatment.


Comment from Yuri Matsukatov, Head of Sales Department Shaerer in Russia

"The booth that Alyona created for PIR in 2018, we still consider one

one of the best for the entire time of participation of our company in such exhibitions. She managed to make everything beautiful and harmonious. A whole cozy coffee house grew up in a small space - that was the idea. Alyona pays great attention to details. We even had lamps in the form of coffee cups, and the guests paid attention to it. Alyona presented the coffee machines very well at the exhibition. For us, this was a key thing. Coffee machines were on high pedestals illuminated from above, and it wascreated a comfortable place to work with each of them. It was easy and pleasant for us to work at the booth that Alyona set up."


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