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Skills - Exhibitions


I know how complicated and exhausting the preparation for the exhibition could be. You should think over a lot of details, collect everything you need with a margin, meet deadlines, sign up documents, receive passes, and also come up with the creative concept of the booth, because it should be as attractive as possible! I can help you with these preparation and take on the coordination work. I'll help you to choose a builder partner, fill out documents, come up with a booth design, and I'll also control the building process itself before the exhibition and accompany you during the event.

How do I work
over the project?

Dialogue with you - finding out your needs, wishes, visions, art preferences

It's very important for me to lead the project not only in the

"right marketing" way, but also in the way that you will like and you will feel emotionally close to. Therefore, I pay great attention

to communication with Client. I do my best to hear you and

to understand your needs.

My projects


Preparation for the exhibition is a comprehensive multi-level event. To calculate the price of your future possible project, please, describe what tasks you would like me to take on, in a free way and leave your contacts. I'll come back to you with an answer as soon as possible!

Working on each project, I use both creative and scientific approach.

For example, I know that a cup of a hot drink taken from hands of another person makes you feel better about him. Research show when people deal with hot or cold things the special activity appears in the area of cerebral cortex. This area is associated with interpersonal experiences. That's why the physical sensations of temperature of the object in your hands affect the nature of communication. For this reason at all exhibitions that I manage, I advise my clients to get a coffee machine with delicious drinks. I'll use all my knowledge and expertise to make your project successful!

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