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art picnic


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Artist: Natalia Lebedeva.
Company: The Pled project.
Location: "Sokolniki" park.
Task: to hold a master class on drawing with coffee paints for the guests.

For The Pled project, we organized a coffee drawing workshop for children.

To create a cozy atmosphere, we have fecorated the meadow with bouquets of cheerful chamomiles, wicker baskets, ribbons, paintings and sketches with cute characters.

Since the main audience was children of different ages, we made postcard templates that could easily be paintrd by children with the help of a professional artist.

The event turned out to be very joyful, sunny, filled with laughter and fun. Adults also joined the children, and for them we also had suitable patterns for painting. Everyone was able to take their little masterpiece at home and to keep memories of this happy warm summer day.


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