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art picnic


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Artist: Natalia Lebedeva.
Company: "Russian Sommelier Association".
Location: "Imperial Park Hotel & SPA".
Task: to hold an entertainment event for guests.

The "Russian Sommelier Association" invited us to become part of the entertainment program at the wine and gastronomic picnic.

Based on the context, we organized a creative workshop on drawing in wine grisaille technique. To create paints, dry red wines were used - different varieties, harvest years, different aging and from different regions of grape growth. To make it easier for guests to create a drawing, we prepared a lot of elegant sketches that only had to be colored.

With the support of the artist, everyone could paint their own "wine" picture, while tasting the exquisite varieties of this multifaceted drink.

The master class was accompanied by an exhibition of paintings. Everything together formed into a light joyful relaxed atmosphere filled with fragrant impressions, smiles and inspiration.


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