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Portfolio - Art-parties - Novye Veshki

presentation for journalists


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Artist: Natalia Lebedeva.
Company: administration of the village "Novye Veshki".
Location: village "Novye Veshki".
Task: to hold an entertainment event for journalists at the presentation of new houses in the village.

For the presentation of new houses in the village, the administration of "Novye Veshki" invited several journalists who write materials about real estate. To make the presentation more interesting and full of emotions, we decided to include a creative master class in it.

As the topic of the master class, we proposed the joint painting of a picture with wine paints. The prototype was one of the most recognizable paintings by Van Gogh - "Starry Night".

With the support of a professional artist, journalists recreated the famous story. Everyone took part in the creative process. The resulting painting with the autographs of the participants remained to decorate the interior of the administration of "Novye Veshki". The invited guests received art boxes as a gift with postcard templates, brushes and portions of coffee paints.

The creative master class made the presentation of the houses unusual and memorable, formed a good mood and made it possible for the administration of the village to establish informal, friendly contacts with journalists.


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