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wine art party


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Artist: Natalia Lebedeva.
Company: Mamita.
Location: Mamita dancing class.
Task: to hold a master class on painting with wine at the milonga.

For tango dancers at the milonga at the Mamita studio, we held a master class on painting with wine. Dances were held in one hall of the studio, and in the adjoining room, couples could relax, drink wine and try their hand at a new kind of creativity - drawing.

Based on the theme of the evening, we prepared sketches with dancing figures of people. Quests could paint  sketches on their own with the support of a professional artist. Aromas of wine colors, subdued lighting, burning candles and music pouring from the hall created a magical, special atmosphere. The creative master class became an unusual addition to the traditional dance evening and brightened up the event.


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