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Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Evgeny Korolev.
Copywriter: Marina Danilova.
Product: superfood mixes.
Brand: new.

Company: LLC "Products of the XXII century".
Task: to create a new brand for superfood mixes and make a packaging design for it.

The company has developed a new product in a high price segment and needed a new brand and packaging design to bring it to the market.
Superfood mixes are still unusual and rather difficult for understanding products for the Russian consumer. Therefore, the main task was to inform consumers what this product is needed for and how to use it in

an understandable way.

The company decided to name the brand "to Me". Therefore, we have built the brand philosophy around

the category of "taking care of yourself", health, well-being and mood.

There has been developed 5 lines of products, referring to 5 beneficial effects.


  2. BEAUTY 

  3. ENERGY 

  4. POWER 

  5. SMART 

Each line has its own differentiation also: for adding into the drinks (smoothies, cocktails, yogurt) and for adding into the breakfast dishes (porridge, granola, cottage cheese).


We gave a special color to each line (to each useful effect). The name of the product was made up of the name of the line and two numbers indicating two active ingredients. For example, 1 is a number of graviola (guanabana) and 4 is a number of moringa. This means that the product SMART 1.4 contains graviola and moringa as active ingredients + several other superfoods.

We planned that later all numbers of useful ingredients would be in a superfood table on the company's website. Since the superfoods in the mix are unique and have a lot of useful effects, it was impossible to tell about all of them on a small sticker. Therefore, the game form of the "periodic table of superfoods" was proposed.


We made the design of the sticker in a minimalistic style, diversifying it in color terms only with a gradient. Since the product is difficult to understand and requires a lot of explanatory information on the packaging, we decided not to overload it with visuals.

The logo was highlighted with a wide "stroke" of white paint. This balanced out the light bottom. And adding a bright colored frame to the bottom balanced the bright colored top. For the explanatory pictures and words, we have chose the same colors: white and the color of the line. Thanks to this stylistic technique, we managed to create a very harmonious sticker design.

In order to help consumers to understand quickly what kind of product it is and how to use it, we clearly illustrated the way of using on the front side of the sticker. We also highlighted the slogan of the brand "POWER OF SUPERFOODS" in bold type. It helps to indicate what is in the jar.

What about the form factor, a small jar seemed to be the best solution, since it is easy to take the product from it with a teaspoon. It can be opened many times and closed tightly. It is also convenient to store on the shelf. In addition, such jars could immediately be associated with vitamins, which would benefit the brand. We chose the color of the cap one and the same for all SKUs, opting for white as it matched perfectly with the white bottom of the sticker. 


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