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Skills - Social Projects


Social project is a great opportunity to demonstrate the social responsibility of your business and its value for the community. Participation in such events affects the reputation of the brand, serves as an informational occasion, inspires respect and trust of customers and partners of the company.

How do I work
over project?

Dialogue with you - finding out your needs, wishes, visions, art preferences

It's very important for me to lead the project not only in the

"right marketing" way, but also in the way that you will like and you will feel emotionally close to. Therefore, I pay great attention

to communication with Client. I do my best to hear you and

to understand your needs.

Social projects that I held


The success of a charity event will come if you do everything from the heart. To calculate the price of organizing such a project, describe how you would like to see your participation, in a free form and leave your contacts. I'll come back to you with an answer as soon as possible!

Working on each project, I use both creative and scientific approach.

For example, I study biophilic design. Nature is the original habitat of man. Eco-elements effects on the perception of the environment as comfortable and safe much more than strict geometric shapes or technological solutions. Communicating with nature is relaxing. Even a simple depiction of it in paintings or photographs has a great effect on a person, relieves stress and tension. Therefore, you will have a positive impact on the guests by adding fresh flowers, herbs, woody compositions or greensts the event.

I'll use all my knowledge and expertise to make your project successful!

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