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Copywriter: Alyona Trifonova.
Product: fruit bars.
Brand: Pastilata.

Task: to renew the brand's accounts in Social Media.
Period of leading the project: December 2020 - February 2021.

As part of the work on the project, the following was done.

  • The style of the brand's social networks.

  • The content plan with certain rubrics.

  • Texts for posts.

  • Content for stories.

  • Specification for a photoshooting.

  • Collaborations with bloggers.


In addition, we supported followers online: answered the questions, comments and work with orders which we received in direct.

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Brand's account in Social Media

The examples of Stories content

Post text example

Text from one of the posts as an example.

"The tale about the hedgehog

Once upon a time there lived a small hedgehog, and he was not prickly at all, he was very smooth, because all his needles were drawn ☺️ The hedgehog lived in a cozy house with his own tiny bed, a table and linen napkins on the floor with a beautiful pattern of leaves 🌿🌿🌿


The hedgehog was very careful and shy and went out for a walk only when no one could see him. People in whose house the hedgehog lived knew about him and left treats: berries and nuts. But the hedgehog was so round and smooth, that berries and nuts just did not cling to his back and it was difficult to carry them home. The hedgehog liked to invite his friends for tea, and he always wanted to treat them with something tasty!

And then one day the hedgehog felt that it smelled of something berry-forest. It seems to be black currant and hazelnuts? Oh yes! The hedgehog ran to the kitchen, climbed onto the table and saw a fruit bar opened and left especially for him. After biting off just a drop, the hedgehog immediately realized that  there could be no mistake: there are definitely black currants and hazelnuts, and also a plum and an apple here! 🍎

Due to the fact that people carefully dried all berries, fruits and nuts and pressed them into convinient bars, the hedgehog could easily place them on the back and carry home. And in the evening, when his friends came to visit, they all drank tea together and happily eat fruit bars, which taste no worse than real wild berries and fruits!

The end.

Do you tell children your own fairy tales? Share with us under the hashtag #pastilatafairytales. "

Copywriter - Alyona Trifonova.


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