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packaging design

Копия Упаковка для бархатистых чехлов.jpg

Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designers: Yuri Biliban, Ruslan Fazylov
Product: cases for smartphones.
Brand: Smarterra.

Company: "MG GLOBAL", LLC.
Task: to create packaging for velvety smartphone cases.

In the packaging, I drew an analogy between cases and fashionable phone dresses. Using this idea, it is possible to draw attention to the cases on the shelf by placing boxes with them on small hangers, hanging packagings like dresses in a wardrobe.

The game moment facilitates the sale process. When sellers have a story, a legend about a product,

it is easier for them to work and to offer a product to a potential customer. The topic of the talk immediately appears.

In sales, it was suggested to use the desire of people to top up a wardrobe. The desire to buy new clothes could be translated into the desire to buy “clothes” for a smartphone. As the central model of the line it was suggested to choose a velvety black case, a "little black dress".

As a bonus, for each packaging was created a template, a picture of a girl in a beautiful dress with a cut in the form of the dress. The picture can be overlaid on different backgrounds - sky, flowers, greenery, mosaic, thus changing the dress of the model and creating inspiring collages and photos for social networks.


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