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website design

Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Design: ReWork.

Company: "MSC-Project", LLC.
Task: to create a website for Vision World, a new bisiness of the company.


The structure of the site included answers to all questions that a potential client might have when getting acquainted with a new service: a clear explanation of what this service is, how it works, what it is for.

The structure assumed the presence of reviews, news, an online store with equipment, selection of a solution that is necessary in a particular case, as well as an animation moment with a cat - service that could be used for observation

for pets.

In the design of the site, we used a bright, cheerful color scheme. Since the observation of objects is associated with a certain degree of anxiety, we tried to design the site in such a way as to reduce the user's stress level.


Sunny photos, shades of the sun and the sky, the soft green grass behind the banners were supposed to create a feeling of a safe environment, where nothing bad can happen.


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