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packaging restyling

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Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Maria Potapova.
Product: black sunflower seeds.
Brand: Senechka.

Company: LLC “Delightful Season”.
Task: to make a packaging restyling due to the appearance of the new product of the brand.

Due to the appearance of the new SKU the company decided to make a packaging restyling in order to make it more informative and attractive.

Changes to the front side of the packaging.

  • For the main character of the brand, the cat, there was chosen a contrasting combination of black and bright green. Such approach wasn’t usual for the brand earlier. Before as a combination for the cat and its pattern used to be a pair of monochrome colors. Black color builds a direct association with the product itself - black seeds. Green adds a bright accent, makes the packaging catchy and expressive,  and also strengthens the connection with the positioning of the product as natural, "green" ("100% NATURAL").

  • The cat is now turned to the right, and not to the left, as it was before. This makes it easier to perceive the design, because it doesn’t contradict the direction of the text’s line reading (people read from left to right, and the cat is now facing the same direction). 

  • Twigs and flowers are located on the contour of the central figure, which creates a pleasant feeling of "peting" the cat.

  • We added a noticeable icon "Salty kernel, not a shell", clearly demonstrating that the seed is salted inside, and not outside, as it usually happens. This is an innovation, about which the company wanted to inform consumers. It turned out to show this advantage in a very simple and understandable way.

  • The images of vitamins became more understandable while in the previous version they looked like         a logo on a ribbon.


Changes to the back side of the packaging.


  • On a lighter background, under the heart icon, it is told now about the benefits of the product. Next to the face of a smiling cat, it is given an explanation why is this product so special. The third picture, the chef's cap, gives a link to the company's website. There customers could find an interesting recipe of what can be cooked from the product. 

  • Food and energy value are presented now in the form of a convenient table. The small cat with the footprints guides attention to the table.

  • Window for the date of manufacture in the form of a house echoes the slogan of the brand "For the home comfort".

  • Flowers "grown" from the bar code make the right half of the packaging not so boring and dilute the text block.

  • The "100% NATURAL" badge is duplicated on the back side of the packaging. It located earlier only on the front side. Pattern of seeds, twigs and flowers were also added from the front side. These elements build the design together, make the packaging stylistically harmonious and complete.


The new version of design significantly exceeds the previous one in terms of clarity and attractiveness of the product presentation. Packaging was improved in order to tell about the product in a maximally complete, colorful and unobtrusively way, to highlight product’s advantages and to persuade the consumer to buy it. At the same time, all the valuable components of the branding identity were saved.


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