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Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Maria Potapova.
Illustrator: Maria Medvedik.
Animated video: "PP Production".
Product: seeds, nuts, dried fruits.
Brand: Senechka.

Company: LLC “Delightful Season”.
Task: to develop unique creatives for the website, e-mail newsletters and accounts in social media.

The Senechka brand has its own character - the cute, friendly cat that evokes an instant sympathy. It was decided to make him the hero of all creatives.

Creatives were developed based on the task that a person should want to save or share our pictures. Therefore, following things were important for us.
1.    To choose the right topics. In order to be successful, we needed well-shared materials.
2.    To process information, simplify and present it in a vivid and understandable form.
3.    To design creatives in a unique way with an obvious presence of the brand character.


Recipes are one of the most popular types of material that people like to share and save. That’s why we chose recipes for the first series of creatives.
One or several brand products were integrated into the each recipe. All the cards with recipes were brightly designed. We used different poses of the character in illustrations. We also added some attributes, atmospheric details to make them even more interesting.


Own comics are one of the most unique and curious types of content a brand can create. Therefore, we decided to add such a series to creatives. We came up with cute stories and put the character into unusual situations. The brand's products were integrated into each plot. Due to the fact that the drawings were originally drawn by hand, with very cute and friendly facial expressions of the character, the result turned    to be very heartwarming.

Interesting facts

Facts about the benefits of brand products were very important and needed to be perceived by consumers. But in the form of text or statistics they looked boring. Therefore, we decided to add such a series to our creatives. We processed scientific information, chose the most interesting facts and presented them in a short form with pictures.

Cartoon video

Another creative was the animated video, which later was shown on regional TV in advertising blocks. Revitalization of the character, funny dances, the coziness of tea drinking, rhythmic melody, poetic text, adding purring to the voice acting - all of these created the atmosphere of comfort, friendliness and warmth and matched the brand.


Unique creatives became a very good solution and helped brand to talk to a consumer in a simple and entertaining form.

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