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branding & packaging design

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Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Maria Potapova.
Product: dates.
Brand: new.

Company: LLC “Delightful Season”.
Task: to create a new brand of dates and make a packaging design for it.

It was decided to call the new brand of dates as "Royal Dates" because under this brand the company planned to sell only the best, selected dates of an extra large size of the "Medzhul" sort.

The craft material was chosen for the shell in order to emphasize the naturalness of the product. The design was developed in eco-style. Dark contrasting silhouettes of palm trees, the setting sun and sands create

the atmosphere of hot countries. The landscape seems to tell us about how these dates ripened, filled

with sweetness and juice. The warm, orange-brown color scheme matches the color of dates perfectly. Consumers can easily see through the window in the shell how large and thick the dates in the

packaging are.


Later the packaging was supplemented with a golden embossing in the area of the palm tree picture and the logo, which made it even more tactile and highlighted the royal name.

Now the brand's products with this packaging are sold in such large chains as X5 Retail Group, Billa, Utkonos, OZON, Wildberries and others.

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