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packaging rebranding


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Evgeny Korolev.
Copywriter: Marina Danilova.
Product: superfoods.
Brand: Products of the XXII century.

Company: LLC "Products of the XXII century".
Task: to make a rebranding.

We suggested to start from the taste characteristics of the product and the culinary theme in the new concept of positioning. Since superfoods are far from being understood by everyone in Russia, it was important to show consumers how to use them and what can be cooked with them.

At the same time, we had a task to save the continuity with the old version of packaging to ensure brand recognition by those who have already bought it some time.


We completely redesigned the sticker, added clean bright shades of light green, yellow, orange and white.

In combination with the craft material of the stand-up pouch, this emphasized the naturalness of the products, their origin.
The signs "GMO-free", "Sugar-free", "VEGAN" also lead to the topic of naturalness. Colored markers highlight the beneficial properties of the product.

In order to save the continuity of design, we left the previous version of the logo, as well as a dark background, but only on the front side, which is more important for recognition.


The reverse side of the packaging has become clearer. Now the icons show the ways of using the product, the nutritional and energy value is presented in the form of a table, all the information is sorted by meaning.


Thanks to the rebranding, the new packaging has become more modern, fresh and easier for understanding by the consumer. At the same time, elements of the old design were saved to ensure continuity.

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