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POS-design & polygraphy


Manager or the project: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Alexander Kurich.
Product: cpopcorn.
Brand: CorinCorn.

Company: "Goryachiye krendeli "Sever", LLC.
Task: develop brand POS materials.


For 2022, we have created an interactive reusable calendar. At the same time, the design involved not only the visible parts of the calendar, but also those that are hidden behind the calendar grid.

Each of the blocks corresponds to one of the branches of the creative brand promotion strategy.

  • A book branch supports the brand's collaboration with Popcorn Books and the MyBook book app. In this block we placed bookmarks. They can be cut out and used when the year is over. Nearby is a QR code on social media account and a hashtag leading to thematic content.

  • A branch of drawing postcards. Here is a postcard with warm wishes. It can also be cut out and used when the year is over.

  • Culinary branch with recipes. This block contains a popcorn recipe and a QR code for a Youtube channel with a culinary section.


In 2023, we have focused on the variety of lines and flavors of popcorn under the CorinCorn brand.

The slogan was "Taste for every season", showing through illustrations that the brand has offers for really different moods, weather and seasons.



The showbox is designed to maximize the use of the advertising space. The front of the showbox reflects the main features/ advantages of the product. On one of the side walls there is an instruction for its assembly for the store staff, on the other - instructions for making popcorn.

When the showbox is empty, the inscription on its back inner wall becomes visible: "Buying the last pack? Look at the bottom of the box!" Text on the bottom: "Congratulations to the last popcorn buyer from this box! Take the box with you and use it to store little things in the kitchen or desktop. Share your ideas on social networks #showboxcorincon."

Gift bags



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