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branding & packaging design


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Evgeny Korolev.
Copywriter: Marina Danilova.
Product: superfoods.
Brand: new.

Company: LLC "Products of the XXII century".
Task: to create a new brand for superfoods in low cost segment and make a packaging design for it.

To start working in the low-price segment, the company needed a new brand. It was decided to call

it "Peruvian".
We suggested to use a picture of a lama in the logo of the new brand, because lama is traditionally associated with Peru. A friendly simple image matches the brand's positioning as money available.

The Andean Cordilleras in the background complement the logo and highlight once again the brand's connection with Peru.


An important thing was the requirement for the versatility of the sticker so that it could be placed both on the cap of the jar and on the flow pack. It also should be of a small size. Therefore, we have developed a universal round sticker format for all SKUs. We’ve placed all the necessary information into a small area, using the circular arrangement of the text along the green border.


Multicolored rhombuses, tassels on the lama bridle and on the blanket add colors to the sticker and bring some ethnic motives. We have made the border and logo green to emphasize the naturalness of the products. We gave a white outline with a drop shadow to the name of the brand to make it stand out

in the logo. Depending on the situation, the logo can be used with or without the graphic image of a lama and mountains.


The Peruvian brand turned out to be friendly, light and easy to perceive. The sticker is universal, as it was intended.

Now the brand's products with this packaging are sold on Wildberries.


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