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Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.

Designer: Evgeny Korolev.

Product: fertilizer.

Brand: Organic Mix.

Customer: "Organic Mix", LLC.

Task: to develop a packaging for a fertilizer set.

LLC "Organic Mix" is one of the main experts of the Russian market of organic fertilizers. The company has been operating since 2014 and during this time has created many exclusive fertilizers that the country's leading gardeners work with - for example, specialists from the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov.

The brand's products are represented in the largest retail chains in Russia: Leroy Merlin, OBI, Auchan, OKAY, Darwin; on marketplaces - ozon, wildberries, Sbermegamarket, Yandex Market; as well as in the company's own online store.


"Organic Mix" contacted us with a request to create a packaging design for organic fertilizer sets.

The requirements were:

  • packaging must correspond to the high price of the set;

  • to emphasize the naturalness of the products;

  • to create a feeling of easy-to-use set even for a beginner who wasn't familiar with the Organic Mix brand before.

Target audience of the product

1) Novice gardeners who don't have much experience and knowledge about growing crops.

To attract them, we indicated on the packaging that the "level" of the set is easy and will be ok for beginners.

2) Loyal regular customers of the brand with some experience in gardening.

These customers, who are already familiar with the brand, could find it convenient to buy a set of fertilizers specially selected for growing a particular crop.

3) Potential customers previously unfamiliar with the brand with some experience in gardening.

For new customers that the company wants to attract, we have posted detailed information about each product included in the set, as well as a story about the company itself.

As a form factor it was chosen a box made of thick cardboard with a comfortable handle for carrying.

We based our design idea on a large, appetizing image of vegetables and berries that could be grown using products from these sets. The fruits go onto the central vertical line and hang in ripe clusters on the sides. In such way we provoke the desire to reach them and pick. We placed fruits just in size of a palm, enhancing this effect.

The central vertical line in a dark graphite shade adds to the sunny cheerful packaging design a touch of premium and shows the main information about the brand, the product, its meaning and slogan.

On the right, on a craft background, there is an additional information also important for a consumer: what type of soil is this set for and its level of complexity.


On the back side of the packaging, we clearly showed the composition of the set and indicated the beneficial effects of each fertilizer.

In order to take off the buyer's doubts right near the shelf about how effective or safe this set could be and whether it is worth its money, we posted the the manufacturer's persuasive arguments and answers to these questions right on the back side of the packaging.

For those who may need more information, we put a QR code to the company's Youtube channel with playlists about growing fruits for which this particular set is made for and which a customer is now interested in.

The sides of the box contain technical information with storage conditions, expiration date, etc., as well as the information about the company and another important advantage - its online support service and Telegram chat.

Inside the box it was supposed to put an instruction. We designed it and accompanied each step with explanations, illustrations and infographics in order to make using this product really as easy and simple as it is stated on the packaging.

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