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branding & packaging design


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Evgeny Korolev.
Copywriter: Marina Danilova.
Product: cocoa.
Brand: new.

Company: LLC "Products of the XXII century".
Task: to create a new brand for the cocoa-superfood blend and make a packaging design for it.

We decided to build the new brand on the properties of the product. Cocoa is rich in flavonoids, substances that boost your mood and help to overcome tiredness and depression. Therefore, we made "happiness and joy from cocoa" as a promise of the new brand.

Based on this, we have chosen the understandable word "HAPPINESS" as the name of the brand. In the logo we used the key symbol, replacing one of the letters "I", since the brand's products should become the key

to joy and good mood. We chose a simple and friendly font with rounded letters.


The form factor for the products of the new brand had to be a box. Since we have already added a key to the logo, the design of the entire packaging in the form of a house became a logical solution. Based on this idea, we have chosen a suitable box shape.

We added some atmospheric details to the design.

  • Through the carved window you can see what is in the box. Everyone likes to look out the windows of the houses when they are passing by. And here the same mechanism works. It’s interesting to look into the window of the house and see what is inside.

  • Well-drawn doors, tiles, glowing lanterns, grass and flowers at the façade enhance the box's similarity     to a real house.


At the moment, the brand has only 3 SKUs. They have different ingredients. To help consumers immediately understand what is the difference, we decided to bring the main effect of the drink into the name. Thus, we've got: a cocoa with warming, tonic and anti-stress effect.

We associated these three effects with the seasons. In fall we want to drink something warming, in spring we need to tone up, and in summer we just want a vacation and rest. In the future, it was planned to release a special Christmas cocoa and chocolate under this brand, so we passed by the theme of winter.

According to these associations, we have designed the houses in different ways.

  • We chose a warm "woody" palette of honey-orange and emerald for a spicy (“autumn”) cocoa with warming effect.

  • We chose a cheerful, fresh palette of turquoise and sunny yellow and highlighted it with bright white color for a tonic (“spring”) cocoa with delicate coconut aroma.

  • We chose a "sweet" palette of pink and violet for a dessert (“summer”) cocoa with chocolate flavor.


The new brand talks to several target audiences at once.

1) Parents
Children will like this tasty and healthy cocoa drink, and the house packaging can be used as a toy.

2) Hygge followers
They love home comfort, a sense of peace and quiet happiness. A cocoa drink is perfect for enjoying the moment, and the cozy house-shaped design will evoke an emotional response.

3) Foodies
Cocoa with different flavors and effects is a new taste experience.

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