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Skills - Corporate Gifts


Corporate gifts are special points of contact with customers and partners. This is a luxurious opportunity

to create a wow-effect, impress and gain sympathy. I offer you a selection of the most amazing, rare things that could delight people.

Baked postcards

Postcards are made of textured, tactilely pleasant watercolor paper. The front part of the postcard is painted by the artist manually. The back side is pre-printed in the printing house. Cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar crystals are applied to the freshly drawn picture like a thin veil, creating a warm bouquet of aromas. Each postcard is baked in the oven to fix the effect.


Handmade postcard

with a voluminous insert for the Cartier brand. Done in one copy.

Handmade postcard

to congratulate bloggers

from essence brand.

Handmade postcard

to congratulate bloggers

from the CATRICE brand.

Art boxes

The art box includes:

  • a handpainted card from the artist,

  • a sketch of a postcard for self-painting (video lesson about how to paint this sketch is downloaded on the Youtube channel in advance),

  • a bottle of paint,

  • a brush.

Each box is manually decorated with half pearls and tied with a satin ribbon. The bottom is covered with paper shavings and little shining confetti stars.


Volumetric paintings
with relief and gilding

I can create special valuable paintings for you in a single copy that will amazingly fit into the interior

of your company, emphasize the aesthetics of the space and reflect the values ​​of your brand. A theme

and composition will be chosen according to your desire, all the sketches will be coordinated with you,

so the result will be exactly how you have dreamed. The image can be supplemented by lettering with positive phrases or with your slogan.

Usually, the work on a new painting takes 2 weeks. But if you need it immediately, I always have some free paintings that are available for buying.



I'll think over each page and make your calendar evoke a smile and warm associations with your brand.

It willn't be an another formal and uninteresting present. I'll complement it with interactive, unique illustrations and content that will tell the story of your brand.


Book covers and bookmarks

Book covers and bookmarks with phrases that reflect the philosophy of your brand could be an unusual, unique and at the same time useful gift that everybode will definitely be happy to receive. A warm reminder of your brand will always be in front of the eyes.


Corporate gifts are special touch points in brand communications. They are surprising and memorable due to their uniqueness. To calculate the price of creating gifts for you, please, describe how you imagine them

in a free way, the amount you need and leave your contacts. I'll come back to you with an answer

as soon as possible!

Working on each project, I use both creative and scientific approach.

For example, I know that, according to psychological research, even a tiny pleasant surprise can improve a person’s view of the world. Not the value of the gift really matters, but the fact that something good happened unexpectedly to you. That's why I don't syggest ordinary formal gifts, but gifts that surprise. I pay great attention to packaging, because it is so exciting to open the box and see what is inside.

I'll use all our knowledge and expertise to make your project successful!

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