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Skills - Consulting & Support



Sometimes, in order to realize your strengths and weaknesses, to understand in which direction you should move, you need a view from the other side. We can help you and make an audit in the following areas.

  • How to work in the Russian market

       We live and work in Russia for a long time and know all specifics of this country. If you want to go to the           Russian market we could be extremely useful for you due to our knowledge and experience.

  • Packaging audit

      We'll check your packaging and see how good it is from a marketing point of view and check if it fits                 the laws.

  • Brand architecture audit

      We'll explore the positioning of your brand and check if its corporate identity matches with brand's                     behaviour in the market.

  • Social media accounts audit

      We’ll check your accounts in social media and tell what could be improved.​

  • Site audit

      We’ll check your site and tell how you can make the user's experience better.

We can also give you a piece of advise in all areas of marketing from our list of services.




I don't give up on our clients at the end of the project. I always support them in solving all marketing issues, if it is needed. From my side you can expect:

  • supervision of the replication of the design concept for all SKUs;

  • recommendations when choosing a printing partner or packaging manufacturer;

  • prepress preparation of layouts.

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