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packaging design


Manager or the project: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Alexander Kurich.
Product: cpopcorn.
Brand: CorinCorn.

Company: "Goryachiye krendeli "Sever", LLC.
Task: to create a packaging for a new SKU in the line.

We chose a raccoon as a main character for the new popcorn with the taste of sweet and salty cookies with caramel. A cookie we illustated in the shape of a heart to create a warm feeling. At the same time we wanted it to look not so dry, so we covered the cooke in the picture with appetizingly flowing caramel. Also the could be reocgnized in the taste of the product, so it looked harmoniously in the design.

The landscape was designed in the evening-night theme, guided by the legend that raccoons go out to hunt for goodies, mostly under the cover of night. Small stars were added to the sky for atmosphere.

The design turned out to be fairy and atmospheric, with a slightly winter sound. Considering the time of arrival of new items on sale - December, it was very appropriate.

I wanted the new product to be very special but at the same time to look stylistically harmonious  with other SKUs of the brand. Therefore we chose a very beautiful and unusual shade of blue-green for the background of this packaging and the name of the taste was highlighted with a contrasting yellow color.

Енот-полоскун ООО Горячие крендели Север новый_page-0001.jpg

In support of the launch of the new flavor, the company has taken over the care of a raccoon at the Moscow Zoo.


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