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Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Filming and editing: Alexander Gruzdev.
In the frame: Alyona Trifonova, Alexander Pustylnik, Evgenia Nefedova, Yulia Vorontsova, Marco Prazzoli, Natalia Lebedeva, invited guests of the brand's coffee club.
Product: coffee.
Brand: AMADO.
Company: LLC “ARABIKA”. 
Task: shooting for the video blog.

In order to tell consumers about its product and brand, the company decided to shoot several videos and post them on its YouTube blog channel. We organized the entire filming process, which included the following.

1. Choosing themes for videos.
To understand which topics will be most interesting to the brand's audience, we decided to test several different directions: experiment and comparison of two methods of brewing coffee; a story about the coffee varieties of the promoted brand; a master class on drawing with coffee paints; a dessert recipe with coffee from a famous chef.

2. Scripts.

3. Storyboard.

4. Selection of props.

5. Search for a location.

6. Work with speakers.

7. Work in the frame.

8. Coordination of the entire filming process on the set, work with guests, company employees, representatives of the location and filming contractors.

9. Viewing the resulting material right on the set, adjusting if necessary.

10. Editing control.


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