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branding & packaging design


Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Evgeny Korolev.
Copywriter: Marina Danilova.
Product: coconut.
Brand: new.

Company: LLC "Products of the XXII century".
Task: to create a new brand of coconut products and make a packaging design for it.

When we came up with a new brand of coconut products, we started from the associations. The most interesting for us was the association of loose coconut flakes and white snowflakes. And even though it doesn't snow where coconuts grow, we decided to take it. After all, with the help of such an unexpected approach, we can break the usual perception pattern, surprise the customer and make pay attention

to the packaging.

We have chosen "Snowiness" as the name for the brand, combining two Russian words:

  • "snow" - an accent on the white color of the coconut pulp;

  • "tenderness" - emphasis on the tenderness of taste, aroma and texture of the product.


When creating the brand's logo, we replaced the Russian letter "Ж" in the word "Снежность" (“Snowiness”) with a delicate snowflake. We placed the logo on a cloud from with softly pouring snow.


So far, the brand is represented by three SKUs. For each product we have modified the brand slogan: coconut milk powder - "For delicate taste", coconut flour - "For delicate baking" and coconut flakes -

"For delicate flavor". In the design of three boxes, the same visual was used, but painted with overflows

of different colors. Thanks to these highly visible differences, we received a clear differentiation by SKU

on a shelf.


A large image of a coconut on the front of the box immediately makes it clear that we are facing coconut products. The carving inside the nut allows to evaluate the quality of the product, its color and freshness,

and additionally emphasizes that this product was get directly from coconut.


We also used a coconut picture on the back of the packaging in an unusual form. We placed a recipe that includes all three brand products on the picture of spilled coconut milk. The QR code located next to it leads to a page of the site with even more recipes.


We made up the brand's color scheme from the shades of turquoise ocean, dawn sun and blue sky. This palette creates a serene mood. The falling snow refers to the name. The design is complemented by images of palms and seagulls soaring in the sky. 

The images of vastness, heavenly space and birds form the basis for the emotional perception of the brand.

They make you feel the serenity of the moment and the gentle warmth of the rays of the sun.

An extraordinary combination of summer landscape and snow attracts attention to this design on the shelf, catches the eye.


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