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Management: Alyona Trifonova.

SMM specialist: Igor Kun.

Product: popcorn.

Brand: Corincorn.

Client: "Goryachiye krendeli "Sever".

Task: to make content, to target advertising campaigns, to work with bloggers.

Period of leading the project: September 2021 - now.

As part of the work on the project, the following was done.

  • The design style of the brand's social networks has been developed.

  • A content plan was drawn up, rubrics were thought out.

  • Texts were written.

  • Photographs have been taken.

  • Cooperation with bloggers was organized

  • Launched targeted advertising.

In addition, we supported followers online: answered the questions, comments and work with orders which we received in direct.

image_123986672 (29).JPG

Btand's account in Social Media


Post text example

24 hours in a day are not enough for you... Catastrophically you do not have time for anything...
Stop! Maybe it's not all that bad? You may just not be managing your time properly! After all, time management is a whole science.
We will not dive into the very depths, and will introduce you to the important principles of self-organization.
Catch 5 life hacks that work!

  • Get ready for the evening

At the end of the working day, make a list of work and personal tasks for tomorrow. So in advance you can all the tasks and rule without confusion.

  • Set uo deadlines

Clear deadlines encourage you to work faster and help you not to put everything off until later.

  • The principle of eating "frog"

Do the most difficult task first. And then everything else will seem like a trifle!

  • The Pomodoro Principle

Set aside time to solve any problem (“pomodoros”) - 20-25 minutes. And focus only on her. After each "pomodoro" - rest 3-5 minutes. Yes, almost like the carrot and stick method 😊

  • 4D principle

Divide incoming tasks into 4 categories: do, delegate, delete, delay. This technique is ideal if you have a lot of tasks at the same time, and you do not understand what to do with them and how to do everything.
💬 Let's add from ourselves, no matter how many tasks and important things you have, Bio Popcorn will help you complete everything as quickly as possible! We checked!
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