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Трифонова Алёна

Moscow, Russia


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   Trifonova Alyona

Thoughtful and resourceful young professional seeking to further develop herself

in a professional capacity with a position in marketing or brand management.

Expected salary

From 2 000 USD per month



Samara State Economic University Human Resources Department

Master’s degree with honors in Human Resource Management, 2011

Specialist in Management, diploma with honors, 2009

Bachelor’s degree with honors in Management, 2008


Relevant Skills

Languages: English – fluent; Italian - initial level, Russian – native.

PC skills: Mind Map, Corel Draw - advanced level, Illustrator - initial level, Adobe Photoshop - initial level,

Adobe Premiere - initial level.

Class "В" driver license.



November 2017 - now

"Kofe Prime", LLC, Moscow, Russia

Production of coffee, distribution of coffee machines (http://amado.ru, http://www.schaerer.ru)

Head of Marketing Department


  • Develop commercials and presentations for the Sales Department.

  • Develop a complex of polygraphy, advertising banners and training materials.

  • Prepare the company for exhibitions.

  • Rebranding and develop of new packaging.

  • Assortment management.

  • E-mail marketing.

  • Organize entertainment and advertising brand promotions, speeches and presentations of experts of the company, excursions to production area, capping.

  • Copywriting.

  • SMM-management.

  • Video production for the Youtube-channel.

Results:  rebranding, development and launch of new packaging, optimization of product lines, creation of the AMADO coffee club, development and launch the customer loyalty program in B2B segment, launch of the e-mail marketing, creation of a set of sales tools (presentations, booklets, demonstration materials), preparing the company for participation in the PIR exhibition, Gastreet festival, etc.

June 2017 - now

"Grandeco Russia", LLC, Moscow, Russia

Production of wallpapers in Belgium (http://grandecolife.ru, http://wallfashion.com/ru, http://grandecoboutique.ru, http://www.grandecogroup.com/ru)

Brand Manager in Russia


  • Translate and adapt texts, marketing materials and company sites from English into Russian.

  • Copywriting.

  • SMM-management.

Results: adaptation of 4 company websites for a Russian-speaking audience.

May 2018 - now

"Aromatic impressions", Moscow, Russia

Art (https://www.aromagic-event.com) 



  • Promote the artist's personal brand.

  • Develop Sales system in the corporate segment.

  • Organize art parties and events.

  • E-mail marketing.

Results: launch of the project website, creation of a set of sales tools for the Sales system (presentations, booklets, commercials), increase the cost of the artist's art works and their sale.

November 2013 - now

Freelance - marketing, branding, PR

Creative Manager


  • Develop creative marketing concepts.

  • Develop commercial offers.

  • Design of marketing materials.

  • Copywriting.

  • Translation of texts from English into Russian and from Russian into English.

March 2017 - August 2017

"Delightful Season", LLC, Moscow, Russia

Production of nuts, seeds, dried fruits (http://de-se.org/)

Head of Marketing Department


  • Design packages.

  • Develop the assortment.

  • Develop a strategy for the portfolio of brands.

  • Develop a co-branding program.

  • SMM-management.

  • Develop commercials and presentations for the Sales Department.

  • Develop a complex of polygraphy, POS-materials.

  • Media planning.

  • Prepare the company for exhibitions.

Results: release of the "Royal Dates" by brand "Delight Season", redesign of the packaging of the "Senechka" brand, launch of new products by "Senechka" brand, development of own traiding marks for chains, production of the advertising video "Senechka" and its placement on regional TV.

September 2015 - February 2017

Department of Distance Learning UNIC, Moscow, Russia

University (http://unic.edu.ru/)



  • Teach self-developed courses: "Organization of press events," "Media planning", "Initiation of publications".

Results: graduated 2 groups of students.

February 2016 - October 2016

"Smarterra", Moscow, Russia

The vendor of gadgets and accessories for mobile phones (http://smarterra.ru/)

PR Director


  • Design packages.

  • Initiate publications in the media.

  • Develop a brand strategy.

  • Develop and implement a strategy to promote product groups.

  • Media planning.

  • Organize entertainment and advertising brand promotions.

  • Develop co-branding program.

  • Write down product reviews in the Internet, work with negative reviews.

  • SMM-management.

Results: initiated at about 20 publications and reports on a barter basis, promo action with the network of cinemas Mori Cinema, shot a commercial                  on a barter basis, product placement, launched at about 20 new products packaging, held at about 10 events with demonstrations of products.

June 2016 – February 2016

Ltd. “31 VEK”, Moscow, Russia

Retail, wholesale, online shopping of gifts and souvenirs, repellents (http://31vek.com/, http://eco-sniper.ru/) 

Head of Marketing Department


  • Develop and implement a plan of marketing activities for 2 online stores, retail outlets and a wholesale.

  • Develop and implement programs to stimulate sales.

  • Media planning.

  • Create commercials for wholesale.

  • Design of marketing materials.

  • Pricing.

  • Management of the illiquid products.

  • Copywriting, organize e-mail newsletters.

  • SMM-management.

  • Write down product reviews in the Internet, work with negative reviews.

  • Video production.

Results: launched promo actions on monthly basis, launched the e-mail service, shot video advertising and made videos for the Youtube-channel.

October 2014 - March 2015

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "NAMI", Moscow, Russia

"Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute" (http://nami.ru/en/)

Head of Corporate Communications


  • Organize, plan and coordinate the work or department.

  • Create and maintain the brand of the company.

  • Develop, implement and improve the corporate identity and corporate culture.

  • Coordinate the development and production of branded products.

  • Organize and carry out the activities of the company and ensure company’s participation in different conferences, exhibitions etc

  • Coordinate and develop company’s archives and libraries.

Results: created a brand-book.


January 2014 - September 2014

Ltd. “MSC-Project”, Moscow, Russia - equipment installation on transport (http://www.vision-world.ru/, http://msc-lab.ru/)

Brand Manager


  • Create a new brand - Vision World (online monitoring system), develop strategy & mix of marketing activities.

  • Develop positioning of the brand, clients’ segmentation.

  • Create corporate style & design for Vision World, design all marketing materials.

  • SMM-management.

  • Develop a new website (structure, visualization, design basics).

  • Organize e-mail newsletters.

  • Develop an affiliate program, create commercials.

  • Develop a loyalty program.

  • Write down articles for the website of the main company’s business.

  • Develop marketing strategy and a new corporate identity of the main company’s business.

Results: start-up and full support of the project Vision World.

May 2013 - October 2013         

Ltd. “Altera Pars”, Samara, Russia - a group of companies with different lines of business such as insurance, real estate, tourism, private club, online magazine, media agency, event, social projects (http://alterapars1.ru/)

Brand Manager


  • Coordinate development and expansion of Altera Pars brand.

  • Organize advertising campaigns for all companies of the group - outdoor and indoor advertising, direct marketing, online advertising, sms-service,               e-mail campaigns etc.

  • Create and actualize PR/media plans.

  • Budgeting.

  • Create advertising campaigns for external clients of media agency.

Results: organized in a limit of time an Open Cup Samara region on the jetski & Donor Day; created advertising campaigns for wine boutique "Pomeste" & brokerage "Alpari"; organized of promotional activities for "Altera Pars".


June 2012 - May 2013

"FINCA", Samara, Russia - microfinance foundation (http://www.finca.ru/en/)

Marketing Specialist


  • Design all marketing materials.

  • Plan and organize marketing research (interviews with clients, focus groups).

  • Draft a competitive and SWOT- analysis For FINCA Russia.

  • Prepare and manage all marketing department publications (scripting audio and video clips, develop concepts of events for clients).

  • Participate in Brand Validation Project and Client Assessment Project.

Results: held on a project to determine the standards of living of the company's clients; held on a project about evaluation and adjustment of the brand; developed marketing materials and souvenirs.


June 2011- May 2012

Ltd. "Elite Perfume", Samara, Russia - household chemicals and cosmetics chain with around 70 stores in Russia (http://7mya.ru/)

Marketing Research Specialist


  • Plan and organize marketing research (interviews with clients, online interviews, Mystery Shopper, Customer satisfaction and loyalty Research, Research logistics branches for further development, internal corporate researches).

  • Write regularly on advertising trends, mechanics of the promo-action.

  • Coordinate and monitoring advertising activities of over 70 stores across Russia.

  • Content manager of internal corporate portal and the Company's external website.

  • Participate in Branding and Positioning Project and Customer’s Segmentation Project.

Results: implement regularly marketing research "Mystery shopper", "Сustomer satisfaction and loyalty", logistics research.


December 2010-May 2011

Ltd. " Luckerta", Samara, Russia - SEO



June 2010 - November 2010

Ltd. "Shestoe chuvstvo", Samara, Russia - creative bureau

Account Manager


November 2009 - July 2010

Individual Entrepreneur - aerodesign


September 2009 - March 2010

Ltd. "Avrora", Samara, Russia - advertising agency (http://avrorabtl.ru/) 

Project Coordinator


September 2005 - August 2009

Ltd. "Avrora", Samara, Russia - advertising agency (http://avrorabtl.ru/) 

Promoter, Interviewer, Animator, Mystery Shopper

Relevant Experience

  • Experience in brand building from the very beginning, re-branding and repositioning of companies.

  • Experience of project work.

  • Experience in managing a team, working with designers, web-programmers, copywriter.

  • Experience in writing articles on various topics, press releases. High level of literacy.


Personal qualities

High level of energy, able to energize, results-oriented, attentive to details, able and eager to work on multiple tasks simultaneously,

good time management skills.



Latin American dancing, literature, cooking.